Isn't summer supposed to be relaxing?

I mean, shouldn't I be sitting on a lounger in the sun, drinking sweet tea and reading books? Isn't that what one is supposed to do in the summer, especially when they live in Canada?

Apparently that is not my summer. My summer has been a whirlwind of highs and lows in which I seem to frequently say, "Can I sleep now?"

Let's recap. Early June? My grandmother has another stroke and I fly home, coming back after the funeral.

Mid-June? I play hooky from work and instead spend 10 hours in urgent care at the hospital for a mystery ailment. It involves pain, morphine and almost passing out a bunch of times until they force me to spend a few hours on a stretcher before declaring they don't know what's wrong and send me home. The next day I sleep and am generally considered to be all better!

A week after that I head back home, this time with Lee in tow for a vacation. Cottage is wonderful, the weather leaves something to be desired. We manage to stay pretty busy but somehow find time to relax, which is a good thing because...

Ten days after we get back we take possession of our house. July is a blur of boxes. We spend just over a week sleeping on an air mattress before our furniture is moved in. During that time we get hardwood floors installed. When we do move in we decide that mattresses are the best invention ever and want to do nothing but sleep for a month. Well, I want to sleep for a month. Lee wants to work himself stupid unpacking and then sleep for a month.

Soon we are leaving for another trip, this time to NYC. It's mostly fun with a bit of seriousness through in for me in the form of BlogHer '10 (which don't get me wrong, is also lots of fun but I do put my serious face on in some of the sessions). When I get back I know that I'm going to want to sleep for a week, at least.

You know what's not in here? Sitting on a lounger in the sun, drinking sweet tea and reading books.

I did somehow managed for finish Making Toast by Roger Rossenblatt and Sweater Quest by Adrienne Martini. I probably would have appreciated Making Toast more if I had read it at another time, a time in which I wasn't trying to figure out how to grieve the loss of my grandmother. Sweater Quest taught me more about Fair Isle knitting than I had learned so far and while it doesn't could exceptionally difficult it does sound complicated and I'll stick to knitting plain socks, thank you very much.

Some day soon I am going to blink and summer it is going to be gone. It's been a very eventful, and even exciting, summer but I'd really like to know when I get to sit on that lounger. I guess it would help if I bought one first, eh?

But before I collapse and call an end to the summer you will see on Sassymonkey Reads:

  • My new library branch!

  • My new home library, complete with book rainbow!

  • A trip to The Strand in NYC! (After which I'll have been to Shakespeare & Co, City Lights and the Strand and will need to find new bookstores to aspire to visit)

  • Possibly even actual discussions about books! (I know, how shocking!)

Of course this is all dependent on me taking photos, which I haven't done yet. And me actually getting to NYC (yay!). And me not buying that lounger because if I do no one may ever see me least until it's too cold to stay to outside.