I had planned to write about Meg Cabot's latest release, Insatiable, earlier but life got a little crazy. (I had to fly home for a family emergency and I haven't been online much.) But today is release day so I'm going to take some time out of my morning to write. I've missed writing and talking to y'all!

I've been accused of being a Meg Cabot fan girl. I do find her and her books generally entertaining. That isn't to say that I enjoy (or have read) all her books. Truth is, I wasn't sure that I was going to read Insatiable. I didn't know much about it aside from it had something to do with vampires and that the book trailers were cute. You see, I was feeling a bit vampired out. Then I found out that Meena, the main character was also a bit vampired out and was Meg Cabot after all. So I read it and you know what, it was fun.

Meena is a dialogue writer for a soap opera and when her boss tells her that they are starting a vampire plot line she is not pleased. Vampires are being done by another soap and she feels they are better than that. Plus she got passed over for the head writer position. Plus her next door neighbour wants her to go to a party to meet some relative of hers that is supposedly a prince. Then Meena meets a mysterious man and everything changes....

A fun read. It really is.

Part of the reason I read Insatiable is so that I could interview Meg Cabot last week. I was supposed to be asking her the questions myself but due to my family emergency I was unable to be on the call with her. However the very nice people at Sullivan and Partners took my questions via email and asked them to her for me. Wasn't that nice of them?

The video interview is up on BlogHer -- BlogHer Interviews Author Meg Cabot about Insatiable. I hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of Insatiable from Sullivan and Partners in order to prepare for the interview. I was not compensated by them for the interview or this review.