Head out on the highway, lookin' for adventure

Tomorrow morning at 4am the alarm will go off. We'll stumble around in the dark trying not to make too much noise. Don't want to disturb the neighbours. We'll pet the cat and give her extra love before feeding her breakfast and then adding a few extra scoops to get her to Saturday when my FIL comes to feed her. (She does not need the extra scoops - it's called guilt.) We'll run around the apartment grabbing last minute items and then rush out the house in a whirlwind of bags, coolers, and "Honey, did you remember to pack..."

We'll hit the road as the sun rises, stopping on our way out of town to grab coffee from Tim Hortons. You cannot have a road trip in Canada and not stop at a Timmy's. We'll drive toward the rising sun, squinting and wondering if we are nuts to start so early and then we'll think of Montreal morning rush hour traffic and decide no, we're not crazy. We're darned smart.

We'll grab leftover homemade pizza out of the cooler and snack on that for breakfast. We'll have lunch at a truck stop, probably someplace just past Quebec City.

We'll pee in dubious roadside bathrooms.

Driving through New Brunswick we'll reflect on how the scenery off the highway simply does. not. change for hours. I'll lament how the old highway was scenic and then remember on the new highway you don't get stuck behind someone driving 70km/hr in a car that looks like it would fall apart if a strong wind hit it.

We'll hit construction. We don't know where yet but we'll hit it.

By dinner time we'll have (hopefully) rolled into our hotel in Fredericton and say, "Yes, we really could have done the drive in one day." "Yeah, but who wants to waste a day of cottage time in the car trying to get there." "Good point."

We'll go out in search of a hot meal and debate whether we want to have a sit down meal or if I should introduce Lee to East Coast donairs (real donairs, not these whacked out Ottawa ones).  We'll go back to the hotel and take a dip in the pool, dry out in the sauna and then head back to the room.

The next morning we'll get up early, check out early and hit the road again. As we get closer and closer to the coast we'll roll down the windows so we can smell the salt air. We'll drive across the world's longest bridge that spans ice-covered water only there won't be any ice. We might see a boat or a seal if we're lucky and that's only because we have an SUV and not a car. If you are in a car you only see cement.

At the end of the bridge we'll see red dirt and green, green, green fields. We'll drive east until we hit a familiar town. We'll stop to pick up the lobsters that will have been cooked and cleaned just for us and then another 10 minutes and we'll take left at the fork in a road and drive along the coast. Another left and around the bend and we're there -- the last cottage by the ocean and our home for the next week.

Over the next week we'll visit family. We'll play by the ocean and get sand in places where no one wants sand. We'll eat good, simple food. We'll recover from this month of June that has kicked our asses. We'll let the ocean take our troubles away.