June and I are not on speaking terms

First June took my grandmother. I flew home to PEI to sit vigil with her and then was there for the visitation and arrangements.

It rained the whole time I was in PEI, clearing up to a beautiful sunny day when I left. When I got to Ottawa I flew into...rain.

I've been scrambling around trying to smoosh a month's worth of work into two weeks and I end up urgent care. Short story - we thought I had appendicitis. I didn't. It was a mystery event that looked and felt a lot like appendicitis with a side of blood pressure crashes that had me oozing out of my chair (something they solved by putting me on a stretcher - fun!). I'm fine now. Really.

But June, you are on notice. I leave for vacation in a week. I want sunshine and daisies or we're getting a divorce.