Gimme A Call

When I was at the library last week I took a cruise by the express shelf. I've been trying to avoid because it's often had tempting goodies on it and and lately I just don't have time to read them. This week though I took a chance on Sarah Mlynowski's Gimme A Call.

Devi is in her senior year and everything is going horribly. Her boyfriend, whom she's been with since freshman year, is leaving her. Ok, so he's not completely breaking up with her but he's going to school in Canada after they had already decided to go to school together. She doesn't have any other friends. All she has is Bryan. What is she going to do without him? If only she could talk to her freshman year self and warn her.

Which is, of course, what happened. After Devi drops her phone in the mall fountain the only person that she can call is herself but she's calling herself four years in the past. Needless to say this initially freaks out both Senior and Frosh Devis. But then Senior Devi decides it's the best thing ever. Frosh Devi can fix everything! They can have friends! See other boys! Get into a better college! Senior Devi is a little hardcore but Frosh Devi does her best to keep up with her demands.

I felt bad for Frosh Devi. Senior Devi was a tyrant who didn't want her to have any fun at all. She just wanted her to fix all her mistakes. Honestly I'm surprised that Frosh Devi didn't tell Senior Devi where to shove her cell phone.  (Or maybe that was just me wanting to tell Senior Devi where she could shove her cell phone. It's hard to tell. lol) It really was interesting to see how different choices impacted the future -- from where she ends up going to college to what happens with her parents and friends. There's some food for thought there.

Cute idea for a novel. I'm not sure it quite worked for me but it was nice to see a twist on the "I gave up everything for my high school boyfriend and now I'm screwed" story.