Heist Society

I love Ally Carter. I want the contemporary worlds she creates to exist. Well, ok I really want to be a Gallagher Girl but I don't really want to be a thief like Kat in her newest book Heist Society. I would, however, really like for Kat to exist. Oh and Hale. I liked Hale. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

In Heist Society we are introduced to Kat, a thief from a long line of thieves. Yes, her name is Kat and she is a burglar. She's a cat burglar and rather than being cheesy it's kinda awesome.

Kat is not really quite loving her life though and seeks a way out. She finds it by pulling off a fraud of her own in order to get into a very prestigious prep school. It's going great. Kinda. Ok, it's a little dull after a life of crime but she's doing fine. Really.

But then there's a situation with a car...in particular the headmasters car and she gets the boot. Only problem is that she didn't do it. She finds out that was her former partner in crime, Hale (really, he was her partner in crime) when he picks up from school in a limo. Why did he do it?  Someone stole a private art collection and the person they stole it from is a very mean man who would like his paintings back. Now. What does this have to do with Kat? Everyone thinks it was her father and now she has to save him. Kat is back in action and she's got a whole crew behind her.

Heist Society is a bit like Ocean's Eleven meets Gallagher Girls...but with way less girls. There's only Cat and her cousin Gabriella. Then it's boys, boys and more boys. It's an interesting change from Carter's GG series which is really all about the girl power. Not that this isn't girl powery, it's just super concentrated in Kat and Gabriella. I loved all the boys in Heist Society. They all felt very individually fleshed out to me, except maybe the brothers but they were supposed to be a unit. The uncle, the dad all fantastic.

Basically I loved it and I really can't wait for the next Heist Society book. I don't want to enter Kat's world but I sure do enjoy visiting it.

I am left wondering though, if Kat really wanted to steal something and Cammie really wanted to stop her - who would win? I think my money is on Cammie.