I Want To Go Home

I've made no secret of my love for Gordon Korman but one of my all time favourite novels of his is I Want To Go Home. I've been looking to get a copy of it for awhile and when I happened upon one during my birthday thrift store splurging I snapped it up.

Rudy Miller is not your normal camper. First of all, he doesn't want to be at camp. Secondly he is an unusually bright boy who doesn't quite live up to the expectations that others set up for him. Thirdly, he's a loner. All this all together and you have one camper who is determined to not enjoy camp and do whatever he can in his power to leave. He befriends the other camper in his cabin, Mike Webster, and hilarity ensues as they both try to escape from camp. Along the way they maybe also cause a bit of a nervous breakdown for their camp counsellor Chip.

Can we talk about this cover? It's horrible. I have to assume that the adult on the cover is Chip. Chip is supposedly a university-age man. The man on the cover looks at least 40. Horrible cover. (This is not the cover my old copy had but I can't find that one anywhere.)

What I love about Gordon Korman is that I found his books amusing when I was a kid and reading them as an adult I still find them just as amusing. Greatly recommended as a read-aloud for kids.

Now I just need to find a copy of No Coins, Please...