The Girl Who Chased the Moon

I am not always the most patient person but I had to exercise a whole lot of patience when waiting to read Sarah Addison Allen's The Girl Who Chased the Moon. First, I knew I was going to be getting it from the library so that always means a wait (even when I'm on the top of the list during the ordering process). So I waited and waited and then finally I saw those magical words in my library account -- "in transit."

The only problem was that these words appeared just a day before the library system was shutting down for two weeks. The library would be open but our accounts were frozen while they did a system upgrade. No checking in or out and no adding requests to our account. I had hoped that I would get it on that last day but nope, no dice. At one point during those two weeks I actually considered buying it but since it was also during that period that we bought the house I didn't. (See, I do have restraint.) That "in transit" mocked me for more than two weeks before I got the notice that it was actually there waiting for me.

Finally I had it my hands. I started it immediately but had to set it aside for this pesky thing called "work." Hmph. Work always gets in the way of good books.

Emily shows up in Mullaby because she has no where else to go. After her mother dies Emily moves to Mullaby, a place she's never been ,to live with her grandfather, a giant of a man that she's never met. She hopes that in going there people will stop expecting her to live up to her mother's reputation. Little does she know that she'll end up living down her mother's reputation in her home town. Julia moved back to Mullaby after her father's death determined to stay just long enough to get all his stuff in order before selling his restaurant and moving away to open her own bakery. Everyone loves Julia's cakes, but one person in particular likes both her and her cakes. He just might have something to do with why she bakes them in the first place.

I was a bit concerned about this third book from Sarah Addison Allen. I knew going into it that there would be a twist because there were twists in the first two books. I had found the twist and climax of her second book too similar to the one in her first book and if this one was similar I might have needed to give up her books even though I really, really love her worlds. Thankfully all that worrying was for nothing. Yes, there was a twist and yes I did guess a little of it a bit before but it was good and not too similar to the other ones. I'm so happy about that because as I said, I love the world that Sarah Addison Allen creates. The changing wallpaper was neat (though not as neat as the books that appeared in The Sugar Queen). The mystery of the lights was kind of easy to figure out but that was sort of the point I think.

I loved Julia. I really did. I think she might be my favourite character from Sarah Addison Allen's books. She was flawed but she was also very strong. I liked that. And I liked how she and Emily both discover that you can go home again, even if you were never there in the first place.

The only problem now is waiting for Sarah Addison Allen to write another book.