Savor the Moment

Ok, I'll admit it. I've become addicted to Nora Robert's Bride Quartet series. It all started off innocently enough. The first book, Vision in White, was on the express shelf at the library and I figured why not. I downloaded the second book, Bed of Roses, to my Sony Reader when I had the flu and was being kept up all night coughing. It was only natural that I downloaded Savor the Moment the day it came out, right? Actually I didn't really mean to do it that day but I knew it was coming out soon and it turned out to be release day and I justified the purchase by saying clearly I was meant to buy it that day.

[Oh but what a TIME I had trying to download it. First it was in the Sony e-book store but only available for purchase in the USA. Sony, why the heck are you showing me books I can't buy? I mean really, that's just mean. Also, I can't seem to buy much of anything at all from the Sony store right now and it's really darned annoying. I couldn't get it on the Kindle for iPhone because, well, I'm not sure. I suspect with both the Sony and the Kindle stores is has something do with the new agency model and they've yet to figured out all the rights for Canada. I was finally able to get a copy with Kobo to which I have to say thank you Kobo. I know I didn't always say flattering things about you back when you were Shortcovers but you redeemed yourself, though I could do with a few less emails.]

I wasn't sure that I'd like Savor the Moment. To put it simply, I found Laurel to be quite an angry person in the A Bed Of Roses. I didn't see myself sympathizing with her and generally wanting her to have the big happy ending. And Del? After the way he ripped on Jack for dating Emma I wasn't sure how he'd make the mental leap to getting involved with Laurel. I just really wasn't sure that it would work. It did...mostly. I'm still not sure that anyone would be as comfortable (and encouraging) about hearing about her friend's sex life with her brother as Parker was, though I understand why she was pleased about them getting together. Also on the Parker front, Parker gets a bit of action. Kind of. It's an obvious lead-in to the last book Happily Ever After, which let's be honest, I'll probably download on the first day it's available.

It's a fun series and if you are looking for something to read in the sunshine this summer I recommend it.