Life without a microwave: month one

I don't miss the microwave. At all.


There's actually room to prepare real food and I swear way less while making dinner than I did before. It's kind of awesome.

Lee, on the other hand, claims to miss having the microwave. However he is hard-pressed to say why he misses it. He'll tell you that he misses being able to heat up the all-natural peanut butter so that it spreads easier. However it took him three weeks to realize that he couldn't do it so I tend to disagree.

Maybe it's just me but I feel like we're wasting less food. We are cooking slightly smaller portions because it's slightly harder to heat food up. It takes a bit more thought to figure out how we're going to reheat pasta for example, when we can't just throw it in the microwave for a minute or two to reheat.

Life without a microwave means we have to have a bit more patience (um, never a particular strong suit of mine to be honest). That we need to think about our food a bit more but it's not a huge change for us really. We hardly ever had microwave meals in the house. It was pretty much a reheating device for us. We didn't use it to actually cook.

It's not radical to live without a microwave. As I found out when I originally twittered that I was thinking of it I found out that many of you already do. So why is there so much resistance to the idea? Why do so many people look at us as though we are off our rocker when they find out?