And no one shall hear us pee. The end.

We bought a house.

We didn't really mean to buy a house. Really, we didn't.

You see, we were looking at open houses. Scoping out neighbourhoods. Trying to figure out where we'd like to move. But then one weekend there weren't very many open houses in the neighbourhoods we wanted to check out, so I unclicked the "open house" box on MLS to see what was for sale in that area.

Up it popped. A little house in the 'burbs (gah, the 'burbs - scary!). Not too big, not too little and very importantly, not too many neighbours. (Am a hermit. No, really.) To be honest, it if was surrounded by neighbours we might not have been so interested.

Best of all, it was priced just right.

So we pinged our real-estate agent (a friend of ours) and said, "So um I know we said we weren't really looking for a house but what can you tell us about this house and could you maybe set up a viewing? kthxbai!"

So she did. And we viewed. And then we talked. And then the next day we put in an offer. And after one round of countering they accepted our offer. Then we went to the bank and ran around like chickens with our heads cut off getting all the paperwork gathered and all our ducks in a row. Then we had a mortgage.

We bought a house.

We're moving in July, about ten days before going to BlogHer in NYC because hi! I'm insane! Though we're not 100% sure of move date yet because we're getting hardwood installed upstairs before we move in. I'm freaking picking out hardwood and it is weird.

I'm going to have a yard. And a deck. I'll be able to go sit outside and read without people staring at me.

And our neighbours will not be able to hear us pee. The end.