An Evening with Christopher Moore

On Monday, April 19, I spent the evening with Christopher Moore (the novelist, not the Canadian historian or the guy I used to work with at the bookstore - you know, just to clarify). I meant to write about it immediately but there were some events that happened that evening that I wanted to mention but had to wait for them to sort themselves out. And the days disappeared. Better late then never.

First you need to understand that Christopher Moore has not done a tour in Canada for something like ten years. He was supposed to appear in Toronto a few years back, when I was actually living there, and the appearance was cancelled due to snow. (I know, snow. In Canada. How shocking.)

You also need to know that I really love Christopher Moore's books. A couple of years Lee and I were doing a dance that basically involved us saying, "No, we're not really seeing each other. No really, we're not." And the truth was, we weren't. Really. We liked it other but it was very web 2.0 in that well, it was complicated. But he was boarding a plane to go to India for several months and I sent him off with a copy of Lamb. Now you need to understand that Lee is Catholic. He's the kind of Catholic that goes to church every week but still has no problem living with his girlfriend (a non-Catholic and pretty much non-anything except maybe "can't we all just be nice to each other?") (Though I wasn't his girlfriend then. Really.) Anyway, I sent him off with Lamb and it was a test. Sad, but true. I knew that if he didn't enjoy Lamb there was really no point. Yes, really. Luckily for him he enjoyed it.

Now flash forward several years and Christopher Moore was coming to Ottawa. Squee! I bought tickets pretty much as soon as I could. Lee usually does a volunteer shift that night and I made him take it off (he does not do this often so it's kinda a big deal when he does).

We got to the reading early. Since it was at the Mayfair Theatre Lee used it as an opportunity to big a big bag of popcorn. (He is physically incapable of not buying movie popcorn.) It was a good crowd. It felt nice to be surrounded by fellow Christopher Moore fans. My peoples!

In due time he arrived and in true Christopher Moore style proceeded to start the reading by telling everyone at readings he doesn't actually read. Of course he doesn't. He's Christopher Moore. Instead he talks about neuticles and gets extra points for hand gestures.  Then he answered a whole bunch of questions, more than he usually does because as he pointed out we all paid for it and he wanted us to get our monies worth.

Somewhere during all this I became That Person. That Person being the person in the audience whose cell phone goes off. In my defense I had turned off the sound and the vibration but apparently that does not apply to text messages. I cringed...and then I looked at message. Because you see, I was waiting for an important text message and that it was it and it told me exactly what I wanted it to say.

Our offer on the house we wanted was accepted.

Yes, I found out I bought a house in the middle of a freaking Christopher Moore reading. It was kismet. Or something.

Christopher Moore finished reading and I stood in line for close to 90 minutes to get our books signed. (The signing part was really the one part of the evening that the organizers did a poor job of - next time just do it row by row ok?)

When we finally got to him, as Lee was talking the photo, I told him that Lamb was the first book I ever gave Lee. His response, "Ah! It was a test!" See? My peoples! Then I got a truly fantastic and so very Christopher Moore-ish photo with him.

Sassymonkey & Christopher Moore

I have to say, that's a pretty darn good memento for the day I bought my first house, don't ya think?