Bite Me

"You have a book set aside for me."

"What book is it?"

"Bite Me."

There are not many times where you'll get to have that conversation and not offend someone but thanks to Christopher Moore I've had it at least once. Bite Me is his latest release and follows the same characters as Bloodsucking Fiends and You Suck. I was quite excited about this one. Abby Normal! I love Abby Normal! (Abby really needs a graphic novel. Really.)

I really wish I could say that I loved it. I didn't hate it but I'm afraid it's not one of my favourite Christopher Moore novels.

I found it very choppy. Part of it was just Abby's storytelling. Abby is well, picture a highly caffeinated puppy. That's Abby. Was she always this perky? I don't remember her being so perky. The other part of the choppiness is I found it jumped from character to character a lot. Were the other books told from so many different points of view? I really don't remember. Or was it just better done? There wasn't enough Flood and Jody and I wasn't thrilled about what happened with Flood and Jody. I can't tell any of the Animals apart but then I never could. I still like me some Rivera though. And the Emperor.

But what really pained me is that not once, not one single time did I laugh out loud while reading Bite Me. I always laugh out loud while reading a Christopher Moore book, which is why I had to stop reading them in public. (I made the mistake of reading A Dirty Job on the patio of a cafe once and got very weird looks when I laughed.) Very, very sad.

All that being said, I still flew through the book and I'll take a less than wonderful Christopher Moore book over most other books any day.

Bonus: When I picked up the book I also picked up tickets to his Ottawa book tour stop. I'll finally get to see him in person. Yay!