The Firefighter's Secret Baby

You know how sometimes you just need some truly escapist reading? Yeah. That was me last week. So I was pretty thrilled that The Firefighter's Secret Baby showed up just when I needed it. Last week was eventful (details coming soon, I hope, oh how I hope) so this book could not have come at a better time.

Where did it come from? Some of us in the BlogHer Book Club are passing it around. It turns out that we couldn't resist the title of it and as none of our libraries carried it Denise bought it and started the chain.

And the book itself? Exactly what I needed at the end of last week. It was fun, though it did require me to suspend belief of a couple of things. I can accept that in a romance.

I was tempted to fine it for overuse of the word "baby" as referring to a woman rather than an infant. The use didn't quite ring true to the character to me but again, I just accepted it for what it is.

Now I gotta pack it up and ship it off to the next person on the list. Yay!