Because our neighbour can hear us pee

Lee and I have started looking at houses. We're not ready to buy. Yet. We don't have quite enough for a down payment. Yet. We're getting there. We're getting close (and yeah, yeah we'd be getting closer faster if we didn't have so many trips planned, whatever). So we're heading out to open houses on the weekends, more to get a feel for neighbourhoods than anything. While Lee has lived in this city almost his whole life I haven't been here for two full years.

This city frequently frustrates me and yet it is going to most likely be where I end up buying a house. Go figure.

We don't know really know what we want or where we want it. This is all part of what we are figuring out now before we sit down and have a serious conversation with our real estate agent.

But we know this - we do not want to share a wall, a floor or a ceiling with anyone. We want there to be enough space between our house and the one next to us that we don't hear our neighbours snore.

And that they don't hear us pee.

You see, we currently live in a house, one we believe was built in the 1940s. It's been turned into three units. We live on the main level.

Our landlord put in the extra soundproofing between the levels, which is wonderful but there are these heating vents. The vents allow sound to carry from one unit to another. It's mostly just enough to be occasionally annoying.

In October our former downstairs neighbour moved out. In March a new one moved in. When she moved in we quickly discovered something. The heating vent from our bathroom must be on the same track that goes to her kitchen. We can be in the bathroom going about our business and hear her conversations and the microwave beeping.

Now, I lived in a co-ed dorm with a co-ed bathroom. I'm completely comfortable with using public and shared bathrooms. When I'm in my own private bathroom with the door closed I'm not so comfortable with hearing a stranger having a conversation as they make lunch and while they listen to us peace.

Yes, Lee and I are starting to house hunt because we would like to pee in private.