Is it spring yet?

It kind of feels like it as it has been unseasonably warm but I've still got the winter blahs. You see, each year I go through the same phase. It involved me being cranky, having no energy and generally having a great urge to hibernate. It doesn't hit at the same time every year, last year it kicked up at the end of January. This year it hit mid-February (February sucked).

A couple of weekends ago I slept for 24 hours. No, not straight but over two nights, yes I did sleep for 24 hours. And I seriously considered taking naps. This past weekend I had a heck of a time to stay awake past 9pm.

Yes, it's all kind of pathetic.

All this is to say that I miss reading. I'm almost finished a book. Almost! I honestly can't tell you the last time I finished a book. Magazines have been more my speed lately.

Personally I'm blaming the stupid groundhogs. If perhaps they had predicted spring I might have been able to avoid it, right?

Sigh. I miss books.