The Missing Ink

missing inkI'm not much of a mystery person but every now and and then I feel the need to read one. I've been seeing reviews of the second book in Karen Olson's Tattoo Shop Mystery series popping up so I decided to give her first book, The Missing Ink, a shot. I like tattoos and sport a few myself so I figured that even if I didn't like the story I'd at least like that part.

But I did like the story. The Missing Ink was a fast, fast read for me. I blinked and had suddenly read the first four chapter in the book. The rest of the book flew by pretty much the same way.

Britt runs a tattoo shop called The Painted Lady at a Vegas hotel and casino. It's an up-scale shop, no walk-ins and all custom designs. No flash to be found there. Her brother just happens to be a Las Vegas detective, which is handy when it turns out that the fiancee of a high-society playboy goes missing and Britt was the last to see her.

Britt was a good main character. Sassy (I do like sass), smart, stubborn and she surrounds herself with good people. She's a good protagonist to carry a series. I do see the potential though for the books to get very predictable quickly. Britt sees something. Britt tells her brother. Brother tells her not to get involved. Britt gets involved anyway, just doesn't tell her brother. Britt becomes a target. Someone Britt knows gets hurt because of it. Britt almost gets hurt/dies but then solves everything. Hooray!

That said, I'll still read Pretty in Ink.