Piggy Market

As far as Lee is concerned some of the scariest words I can utter are, "So, I was thinking..." He knows that whatever comes next has the potential to be a crazy scheme. So when I said those words this morning he wasn't sure what to expect. It was quite tame though, I asked him if he'd like to go on a field trip to Piggy Market. I've never managed to make it to their store, though I remember when they used to be at the Ottawa Farmers' Market (for which I can now count the opening Sunday in weeks instead of months). Clearly Lee agreed because hello, it's food. We like food in this house.

When we got there I promptly went to the cheese display. Y'all know I love cheese (as does the fake cat). Hardly shocking that I'd gravitate there.

Fromagerie Les Folies Bergere Cheese Curds Fromagerie Les Folies Bergeres Cheese Curds

How can I resist a. cheese curds and b. a fromagerie named Les Folies Bergeres? (I've been there...well I've seen the outside at least. We didn't go to a show. We just kind of accidentally stumbled on it.) The cheese curds were an easy choice but I wanted to grab another cheese as well. With some help and after determining that I didn't care if it was sheep, goat or cow's milk, that I shouldn't eat blue cheese (I have a penicillin allergy though it won't really hurt me to eat a bit of it, it just doesn't make me feel great) and that Lee is not fond of stinky cheeses we ended up with L'Apprenti Sorciere.

Les Folies Bergere L'Apprenti Sorciere Les Folies Bergere L'Apprenti Sorciere

L'Apprenti Sorciere is a mix of sheep and cow's milk that is light, creamy and yummy. It took about 2 seconds after tasting it to add it to our slowly growing pile.

At this point, Lee who had not yet had lunch, snagged a molasses cookie with cranberries in it. Even if I had not forgotten my iPhone in the truck I never would have gotten a photo of it. He inhaled it, impressive seeing as he doesn't really like cranberries. (And then we almost forgot to pay for it, oops. But we did remember. Eventually.)

It was a no brainer to add a loaf of Art-Is-In bread to our selection either. And while they make many yummy kinds of bread this quickly caught my eye.

Art-Is-In Beau's Beer Sourdough Miche Art-Is-In Beau's Beer Sourdough Miche

That's a loaf of Beau's Beer Sourdough Miche. It will be our snack today and perhaps be used for french toast tomorrow morning. And maybe there will even be a bit left to make coutons with. Don't you think croutons made from this bread would be great on French onion soup?

They were having a chutney tasting today. We're pretty much incapable of having a taste of anything and not buying it. We sampled a couple of different kinds but I left the final decision to Lee.

Major Craig's North India Chutney Major Craig's North India Chutney

I was kind of surprised (but not displeased) when he chose the North India Chutney. He tends not to be a big chutney fan and I didn't expect him to go for the more traditional option. It's tucked away in our pantry until we decide what we're going to use it on.

That decision made I moved over to scope out the Cabane du PicBois maple vinegar.

Cabane du PicBois Maple Vinegar Cabane du PicBois Maple Vinegar

It's the product on the Piggy Market website that I was most interested in. No, it's not maple-flavoured vinegar and I have no idea how they make it. I believe that you'd use it much the same as you would a good quality balsamic. I haven't figured out what we're going to use it for but if I like it I just might bring some to BlogHer Food with me for some of my foodie friends.

Lee could not resist the meat samples.

Ottawa Smoked Meat Ottawa Smoked Meat

It's nothing like it's Montreal relative. It's drier and spicier. I think also leaner (but then I am a "medium" fan when it comes to Schwartz's). It melts in your mouth.

Lee likes coffee. Lee really, really, really likes coffee. It took him about as long to pick up a bag of coffee as it did for me to go to the cheese display.

Prince of Darkness Coffee Prince of Darkness Coffee

Piggy Market carries Ideal Coffee beans and well, who can resist a coffee named Prince of Darkness? Apparently not us.

Once we had this neat little pile we ran away before we caved to the Pascale's ice-cream selection. We're big fans of it but we didn't want to go home right away. We'll be picking some up soon. We also resisted the frozen tortiere. Barely.

All field trips should involve yummy food. Thankfully, most of ours do.