Scarlett Fever

It's been almost two years since I read Maureen Johnson's Suite Scarlett do I had to go back in my archives and look it up. (This is precisely why I have a book blog.) I remembered I liked it, that I liked Scarlett and her family lived in a hotel. That was kind of about it. Oh! I also remembered that for once the girl on the cover of a Maureen Johnson book had a head, something I approved of greatly.

After reading Scarlett Fever I can tell you I still like Scarlett, I love her brother Spencer, her boss is less annoying than I remember, and I still think Eric is a jerk. I'm really  not sure what I think of the whole Lola thing. If you've read Maureen Johnson's blog in the past you will note the Law and Order connection and be surprised that Spencer did not play a dead body.

It's a solid second book in what I believe is a planned trilogy. But that's just it, it's a second book. Nothing much gets resolved and the open ends from the first book are still open at the end of the second one, along with a few new ones. That's not to say that it was bad, it wasn't. It was pretty classic Maureen Johnson fare. And if the third book was in front of me I'd be rushing to read it so that I could see everything get resolved.

(And yes, three books in a week! I'm on a roll!)