The #momspotting meme

I don't do the #momspotting thing due to the fact that I'm not a mom, which means I'd just be #spotting and well, that just sounds menstruation related. (And all the men just clicked away...)

But TW is a #momspotter and she has this meme and it's foodie and well, you know me and foodie.

1. Which expensive electronic device do you or your children most admire? Snarky answer - I have CHILDREN? OMG! WHERE WAS I? Non-snarky answer - iPhone. Wait, have one. MacBook Air.

2. Do you ever use your computer in the kitchen? Yes. How else am I supposed to follow online recipes?

3. What ratio of new recipes cooked in your home come from the Internet vs from a cookbook you own? Probably 85-90% internet.

4. Does your family regard a recipe as something printed from the computer, on a handwritten card or something on the kitchen netbook? I think a recipe is something I'm supposed to write down/print out for them. Even if I don't have one and just throw things together.

5. Do you have a television or other electronic entertainment in the kitchen? We have a CD player/radio. Because sometimes you just want to rock out while you bake bread or do the dishes.

6. What is the eating in front of the computer rule in your house? If we never ate in front of computers we'd never eat breakfast or lunch. We try not to during dinner though.

7. How many places can you order dinner online from in your area? I have no idea. I know of two but we don't really order food often and we've gotten delivery exactly once since we moved in here.

8. What is the BEST recipe you have ever made from the Internet? have no idea. I'm pretty sure there are things I make all the time that started off as internet recipes but I don't know what they are. The fake husband would probably say anything I pulled off Pioneer Woman Cooks.

9. What’s the least used kitchen gadget in your home? garlic press. I'm not even sure why we have one. Close second, meat tenderizer.

10. What is the oddest recipe your family has tried after seeing it on the Internet? I don't do odd recipes. I'm boring.