Dear February, You Suck

I swore that this February was going to be better. I did! Last February I was not a happy camper. In fact I think the only appropriate phrase for what I was last February is "raging bitch." I'll admit it. A mid-February mini-break seemed to kick me out of it, much to Lee's relief. I was consciously trying not to be cranky this year. Trying really, really hard. Even the weather has been cooperating.

February still sucks.

And no, I'm not cranky (or at least I'm only normal cranky) but I'm tired. This month as gone by in a blink. It feels like all I've done this month is work at one task or another. All I want to do this month is sleep. Cannot get enough of sleep.

Remember how I said I was doing stuff this year? Well my to do list for February is in need of a giant red FAIL stamp.

Let's start with the one issue that takes the most items off the list - my wrist(s). For the last ten years my wrists have given me trouble (for the ten years before that it was my ankles - my body is awesome). Around this time last year my wrist went wonky. And the year before that it happened when I was Europe. Now if I have fallen at any of those points the wrist issue might have made sense but no, it's just suddenly all "I HATE YOU" randomly. So on my list I had:

  • Finish knitting purple sock

  • Do pilates or yoga once a week

  • Finish the Wii EA Active 30 day challenge and start another one

I can't knit because it hurts my wrist. I can't do pilates or yoga because all the videos seem to involve putting weight on my wrists and I can't do that. (And yes, I *have* tried modifying the poses and NO it does not work.) And the Active involves using the resistance bands and they hurt like the dickens.  So, automatic FAIL on those three. And I've just done a general fail at using the Wii every week.

Lee and I picked up a little side project, helping out our landlord with something. Something that took over our lives for the better course of a week. A week in a very short month. I honestly couldn't tell you the last time I finished a book. So also a FAIL at the moment are:

  • Read a blue book

  • Read a green book

Right now I'd just like to finish a book. This week is not looking very promising for that.

The other items are doable. I haven't uploaded a picture *every* day on Flickr but I've uploaded enough that I have no issue saying that I've completed what I wanted with that, which was to get in the habit of posting pictures regularly. We still need to make our hotel reservations for BlogHer '10 (but hey, we made our cottage reservations for PEI so do we get bonus points for that?). I haven't baked a pie or make anything from Small Batch Baking but um, there's time?

Overall? Feburary, you suck and I'm very happy you are a short month. It's your only redeeming quality.