I remember when I used to read

I dislike February. It taunts you with its shortness. You think, "Oh yay! Short month. I'm going to feel all productive this month."

Then the month rolls along and before you know what's happened it is mid-February. Where did the month go? My to do list is shot! I can't finished it all. It does not help that your wrist is being bothersome and doesn't even like holding a book let alone a paintbrush, knitting needles or resistance bands.

Yes, paintbrush. Because we told our landlord we'd help him out of a jam and are painting half of the downstairs apartment for him. (Ok, not exactly out of the kindness of our hearts, there's something for us too.)

But my reading time? Zooooooooooooooooooom. That's it whooshing away from me.

So today, when I get home I am going to download an audio book. Then I am going to put on grubby clothes and paint and clean and tape. And hopefully at the end not only will the downstairs apartment look better, but I'll have listened to a book and not feel like I'm living in a literary wasteland.