The Brightest Star in the Sky

When it comes to Marian Keyes novels I tend to either really, really like them or really, really not. It's rare that one of her books falls out of these extremes for me but The Brightest Star in the Sky did. I didn't love it, I didn't hate it. It just was. Which I suppose is much better than me just hating it.

One night a presence moves into 66 Star Street in Dublin. There's the old woman with the dog named Grudge. The happily married couple. The immigrants who are convinced they have the world's worst roommate, little do they know she's dealing with something pretty serious. The career woman on the top floor. As the presence looks down on the inhabitants of the building and secretly gets to know them they experience love, heartbreak, healing and friendship. Meanwhile a countdown ticks on...

I was kind of surprised that I liked the format. I'm not big on books that count down to an event. Sometimes it just feels like they are trying to mess with me. It worked for me although at one point I looked at what day I was at and really hoped that Keyes was not going to writing about every single day, or at least not write about them in as much detail as she was at the beginning. (Thankfully she didn't.) It had (mostly) good characters with a few cads in there that'd you are supposed to dislike. And like most Keyes books it was big enough to be used as a doorstop.

I've been looking through Keyes list of books and I think that I've read them all except maybe Last Chance Saloon. It's not on this blog anywhere but it's possible that maybe I read it before I started blogging.