End of January Check-in

So, I thought that maybe if I checked in at the end of every month I might do a better job or getting those 2010 reading goals done so here we go...
1. Read 150 books. I read 9 books in January. Only 141 to go!

2. Read 50 of my own books. I read 6 books! Go me! Only 44 left.

3. Read at least 2 each red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple books. 1 red book down.

4. Read at least 2 chunksters, which I’m counting as 650+ pages. 1 down, and it was even non-fiction.

5. Read at least 3 of the WWI and WWII books I have on my own shelves. While one of the books I read did look at WWI and WWII it also was about a bunch of other stuff so I'm not counting it. So, 0 complete. Bummer.

6. I want to hunt down and read at least one Encyclopedia Brown book. Nope.

7. I want to read at least five graphic novels. None!

8. Read more e-books - I read 4 in January. That's pretty good.

9. Read A Tale of Two Cities. I haven't started it yet. Maybe I'll tackle that in March...

In addition to working on my reading goals I'm trying to get stuff done this year. So every month, along with anyone else who wants to play, I'm making a list of 10 things I want to get done. They are usually a mix of fun things (like baking a pie) and practical (making the fake cat's vet appointment). We're posting our lists in the List Lover's Group at BlogHer. As Kit-Cat has said, 2010 is going to be the year of doing things.