Christmas, an hour at a time

Our Christmas, an hour at a time.

9am. Opening stockings and presents.
9am #Xmas12

10am. An exhausted Piper.
10am #xmas12

11am. Making giblet gravy. (It was bloody fantastic. I think it was the allspice berries.)
11am #Xmas12

Bonus shot 11:30 Piper approves of her new toy.
This present is fake cat approved

Noon. The table is ready.
12pm #Xmas12

Bonus shot: The damn fine giblet gravy.
Some damn fine giblet gravy

1pm. We're ready for family to arrive. Ta da!
1pm #xmas12

2pm. Family is here and we've demolished the cheese and meat platter. Nom! Nom! Nom!
2pm #Xmas12

3pm. Prezzies round two.
3pm #xmas12

4pm. Gobble gobble!
4pm #xmas12

5pm. Lee deciding how much he can fit on his plate. (Yet again we forgot to cook the green vegetable. We are 0 for 3 now.)
5pm #xmas12

6pm. Yummy.
6pm #xmas12

7pm. Dinner is done and everyone is gone.
7pm #xmas12

8pm. The cleaning is done, everything put away. We can haz nap now?
8pm #xmas12

And then I promptly fell asleep on the couch. Hey, we didn't even get home until 1:30am the night before. I was tired. And full of turkey.

Thanks to Andrea, for challenging us all to do this #xmas12 photo challenge.