Can We Talk Holiday Baking?

Christmas cookies Photo credit: kristin_a

I was looking at my calendar and realized there are only a few weekends before Christmas. I also know that the closer we get to Christmas the more time will speed up and the more invitations we'll have to go out (at least in theory). We might even entertain people here. (I had given though to having a Christmas Open House but decided that Lee would kill me. I'll hold that off until next year...maybe.)

Basically I have to get started on holiday baking and I need to do it now.

This is what I know I'm baking because I make them every year:
Denise's mint sugar cookies - been making them for years and I *only* make them at Christmas. We usually try to have them for the day that we put up the tree. We decorate it and snack on these cookies and wash them down with eggnog.
Chocolate peanut butter balls - a family tradition.
Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls - Ok, so this one is a very recent addition to my Christmas rotation. I made them last year and now I must make them every year or face the consequences.
Spiced nuts - a new addition last year but a yummy one. It's nice to have something less sweet to nibble on.

I might be making:
Plum pudding. I have my mother's recipe though it would be much easier if SHE made them and mailed them to me. That's not happening though. The recipe isn't hard at all. The bigger thing is that I don't own pudding molds so I need something to cook the puddings in. Juice cans work but that means I need to guzzle juice. Fast.

Things I'm thinking of trying for the first time this year as part of our goodies feast:

Rugelach - I've always kind of wanted to make rugelach.
Thumbprint cookies - I've been wanting to make thumbprint cookies for ages but never quite got around to it.
Earl Grey truffles - I'm not a big chocolate person but many of my friends would not say no to truffles.
Molasses cookies - easier than gingerbread and possibly yummier.
Cooking Canuck's Louisiana pecan and butterscotch ball cookies - pecans, butterscotch? What's not to like?

What I'm not making:
Peppermint patties - they are royal pain in the butt to make and I'm never entirely satisfied with the results.

I'm actually kicking off the baking extravaganza with Caramilk sugar cookies. I was thrilled when I saw that recipe pop up online because we have a bottle of the Caramilk liqueur. Lee doesn't drink. I don't drink sweet liqueurs. I've put a some in brownies but I've been looking for something else to do with it. Win.

I've got my eye on

I'm tempted by others but um, that's probably more than enough cookies and baked goods for two people, don't you think?