Ascendant, A Killer Unicorn Book

Diana Peterfreund's second book in her killer unicorn series, Ascendant, sat on my shelf for a long time. I've been doing this thing lately where I've been requesting really good books from the library but then they arrive and they sit on my shelf and I don't read them for at least a week. When I finally do pick them up to read them I'll read a bit and then let them sit for a few days, even a week before I pick it up to read the rest. When I do pick them up to read  them it's because I know the due date is looming and I have to finish them or go back to the bottom of the request list. I can never renew these because there's always more requests, more people waiting to read them.  Normally I just read a book all at once, which I still do sometimes, but mostly not. It's an odd thing. I'm chalking it up to being just plain old tired lately.

Yes, I'm rambling. I'm rambling because I don't know quite what to say about Ascendant. Astrid still kicks butt...when she wants to. Thing is, she really doesn't want to. She's a bit over the whole killing thing, not that she was ever all that crazy about it. I felt like Astrid spent this entire book lost in her head. Fair enough. She doesn't really have anyone else that really understands. Phil is a bit distant. Cory just wants all the unicorns to die, as do many (if not most) of the other hunters. Plus Cory's got her own stuff going on. (Cory's stuff has me a bit worried because it could go down a certain path and if it goes down that path I'm going to be really displeased and yes that's cryptic but I'm trying not to be spoilery.) Giovanni just doesn't get it, plus he's across the ocean. Lilith is still freaking insane. Astrid really is all alone. It's no surprise that she finds herself so tempted by and overall enjoying her time when she works for the Evil Empire Gordian. It's also no surprise that she finds herself getting close to the unicorns she's there to guard.

Astrid spent the entire book lost or hurting in some way. That's fine, even if it does cause her to make some very stupid decisions. Astrid has some serious lapses in judgment during this book but well, there are things messing with her head. There were times that I really wanted to give her a kick in the butt and then I would remind myself that she's still really quite young and very alone.

There are things that I really liked about Ascendant. I still find the virginity thing really interesting. The whole actaeon thing? Totally fascinating. Plus hello, killer unicorns. Killer unicorns will never do anything but rock.

Ascendant probably could have been a bit shorter. Or maybe it was the pacing. It felt a bit slow and then it felt really rushed. But that isn't my problem with the book. The problem isn't exactly with Ascendant as much as that Peterfreund does not currently have a third book under contract (according to her website FAQs). I think that Ascendant works as a pretty solid middle book in a trilogy which means it moves the story forward. There are revelations but not ones that really resolve anything. They just open up the field to more questions. So it's a fine book, but it does not stand alone not does it serve as an end.

I really hope a third book ends up coming out. It just doesn't work without it.