Zombies vs. Unicorns

zombies vs unicornsA few years back I started to hear rumblings of a bit of a showdown in the YA world. Young adult fiction authors were taking sides, stating allegiances and telling each other that they had it all wrong. The source of all this debate? The question of who would win in a battle between unicorns and zombies. Really what choice did these authors have but to get together and write a set of stories for the Zombies vs Unicorns anthology?

Justine Larbelestier and Holly Black edited this volume of short stories, some of which you really wish were more than short stories. Whether you are #teamzombie or #teamunicorn you will find stories in this volume that you love, sometimes even on the opposite side of your allegiance.

Did I love every story in the anthology? Well, no. It's an anthology. I've yet to find one where I've loved every story or essay in it. I've seen the word "uneven" being thrown around in places with this book. I don't really think it was uneven. I think that some of the stories just weren't to people's tastes. I'm #teamunicorn and no I didn't like all the unicorn stories. I didn't dislike all the zombie stories either. The great thing about an anthology is that you don't have to read every story in it if you don't want to.

My two favourites were Meg Cabot's "Princess Prettypants" and Holly Black's "Prom Night." Yes, one unicorn story and one zombie story. So very diplomatic of me isn't it? Really, these were to the two that I'd love to have seen developed into entire books. Meg Cabot is well, yes fun and silly, but also with a teeny bit more to her story when you think about it which is pretty typical for her. For Holly Black's story I wanted to know more about how it all began and how these students became cops and what happened with those tunnels. It was a really, really good story.

It also inspired me to do a fun zombies vs unicorns gift guide at BlogHer. ;)

So tell me - are you #teamzombie or #teamunicorn?