Simply Irresistible: A Lucky Harbor Novel

A few years ago I found Jill Shalvis' blog. I read her blog for a good couple of years before I picked up one of her books. That was unusual for me because I usually only read author's blogs after I've read their books. Once I started reading them I quickly became a fan and eagerly waited Simply Irresistible, the first in her new Lucky Harbor series.

I used to get all of her books from the library but for some unknown reason they stopped buying her books 2/3 of the way through her Wilder Brother series. I get that library budgets are tight these days but not buying the third book in a three book series sucks. Since then I've bought a few of her books and each time totally enjoyed the guilty pleasure of reading them.

Not that anyone should feel guilty for reading romance novels. That's not what made them a guilty pleasure. It's just that I buy the e-books and usually download them to my iPhone and sit and read them when I should probably be doing something else. Like work. Or chores. Or making dinner. Or having a conversation with the fake husband. If I had children I'd probably have stuck a movie in the DVD player and let them watch it while mommy read her book. Her books are like yummy candy and I don't want to stop until I've finished the whole box.

This new series, set in Lucky Harbor, is about three sisters who grew up not really knowing each other. Their mother, Phoebe, was a free spirit and none of the three share the same father and where not raised together. They all spent some time with their mother, some more than others, and are still peripherally involved in each other's lives. Maggie is the Mouse, who is learning not to be quite so timid and to stand up for herself. Tara is the Steel Magnolia, raised in the south and with a hard exterior and soft heart. Chloe is the Wild Child, a little bit lost and the one that was probably the most close to their mother. They are called back to Lucky Harbor and the inn that their mother ran to sort our the details of Phoebe's estate after she died. They need to decide what to do with the estate but not all of them want the same thing. Maggie is doing everything she can to convince them to keep and run the inn. Tara just wants out. And Chloe? She's in the middle trying to keep the peace and not at all sure about what she wants.

But what's a relocation story without a bit of romance. Maggie is barely in Lucky Harbor when she almost runs Jax Cullen off the road. He just keeps popping up everywhere after that, like a bad penny. But sometimes the bad pennies turn out to be lucky ones.

I liked how Shalvis does the little things, like at the beginning of each chapter there was a note of advice from Phoebe for her girls. This is from the first chapter: "I choose the road less traveled, but only because I was lost. Carry a map." I liked how these girls learn to be friends and sisters at the same time. Shalvis has a quirky sense of humor and it comes out in her books and her characters. She makes you like them. She also may make you look at your dryer in a new way.

It was a good contemporary romance novel. I like how Shalvis does these little series. Sure I can already tell you who the romance interests are for Tara (that one is going to be a tad complicated) and Chloe (I have no idea how she's going to get to that one but I bet it involves handcuffs) but that's part of the fun.