I Am Number Four

I can't even begin to remember when I first heard about I Am Number Four. I was somewhat skeptical. The premise, that there are aliens on earth and people are trying to kill them but can only kill them in a certain order, sounded ok. But Pittacus Lore? A "fake" author? I hate those. Of course it came out before it was even released that James Frey and Jobie Hughes were the authors. That didn't do much to quell my skepticism. I'm not a fan of the trend of adult authors who are jumping on the young adult fiction bandwagon.

I gave it a shot and I have to say, it wasn't bad. It wasn't great but it's wasn't bad.

Number Four/John/whatever name he's chosen this time came from the planet of Lorein when he was child. His planet had been destroyed and only nine children and their guardians (who are not their parents) got out alive. He's been hiding on earth, growing up and is just starting to develop his superpowers. There are Mogladorians out there, the ones that destroyed his planet and are probably planning to destroy earth, that are hunting down everyone that survived Lorein. They can only kill them in a specific order and the nine can never be in contact with each other or they will break the charm that protects them and they can be killed out of order. So John just keeps on moving around, changing his name and trying to get through high school.

It's not a bad story, though it probably says something that my favorite character is the dog. (Number Six might grow on me though.) There was too much description, not enough dialogue. The ending? Let's just say I have some issues with it that I don't want to go into because they are spoilery.

I didn't love it but I'll probably read the second one.  Maybe. It was kind of nice to read some science fiction, even if it wasn't great science fiction.  The movie? Yeah, I  probably won't be watching that.