The Lost Hero

I initially told myself that I was not going to buy The Lost Hero, Rick Riordan's first book in his new Greek demi-god series. I'd wait until the end, like I did with the Percy Jackson series, and buy the boxed set. What I completely forgot to take into account was the fact that I didn't start reading the Percy Jackson series until after the last book had been published. I read the entire series in a few weeks thanks to some lucky library express shelf grabs. That was not going to happen with this series unless I wanted to wait until the end to read it. I lasted right up until the day before it was released and then placed an order for purchase.

Our mail arrives mid-day. I knew exactly what was in the package when I retrieved it. [Aside: when we bought the house we ceased to get mail deliveries to our door. We have to go to a superbox mailbox, which would be really annoying if it wasn't so close. When we get packages that are too big for our mailbox but not big enough to require a special delivery they end up in this special box in the superbox mailbox. They leave a key in our mailbox and we use it to open the larger box and then drop the key back into the mail slot when we are done. This book was my first time doing that. Extra excitement!] I stared at that book all afternoon, waiting for my work day to end so I could read it. Lee was out of town so once I shut down my computer there was nothing to stop me from a full evening of reading.

The Lost Hero takes us back to Camp Halfblood with a mostly new cast of characters. The new series is framed around the prophecy that is given around the end of the Percy Jackson series. In this new look at the demigods some of our old Camp Halfblood friends are around but it mostly focuses on three new characters - Jason, Piper and Leo.

Jason "wakes up" on a bus on the way to a school field trip with no memory of anything before that moment. This bus is filled with kids that attend a special school for "troubled" kids. (Basically the kids get in trouble and then get sent there - sort of like bootcamp but it's a school.) While he remembers nothing the people there seem to know him. Piper and Leo are supposedly his girlfriend and best friend. They have full memories of him.

The Lost Hero is a lot like the Percy Jackson books, but with a couple of twists. The main twist is too spoilery to talk about ( but I really liked it). Anyone who didn't like The Red Pyramid due to it having two narrators will really not like that Jason, Piper and Leo all narrate chapters in The Lost Hero. I liked it. Their voices were distinct to me, even though I had a heck of a time remembering Piper's name.

Definitely recommended for Percy Jackson fans. The schedule for the remaining four books in the series is already out I'm really looking forward to four more autumns with Camp Halfblood.