My Safeword is "Ow!"

After all that I ended up running. I didn't run the whole 5k but I ran more than half of it. How much more I'm not sure.

As I crossed the finish line at 45:12 I thought to myself, "I could have run more. Gone faster."

Mind you I crossed the finish line, limped over to Lee, gratefully took the Gatorade he was offering me and then looked for a goose poop-free patch of grass to sit down on. I stripped off a couple of layers of clothing, reflected on the fact that I probably had a blister on my foot and then limped over to the refreshment tent. I wandered over to a curb to sit on it and eat my snacks and almost fell down it. (Going down stairs is apparently a bad thing when my legs are rubbery.)

I sat there and thought that I could have walked less and run more.

By last night my hips were screaming at me and calling me a fool. Apparently every time I rolled over last  night I'd say "Ow!" in my sleep. This morning my hips are calling me many bad names.

Moral of the story: I can do a 5k run/walk after not running since August but my hips will punish me for it. Thankfully we stocked up on Aleve.

* Title is from Unshelved.