Between 2005 and 2008 I worked from home, mostly full-time. Then late in 2008 I started working in an office half days. It was an adjustment but I got used to it and still did a lot of work from home. Then I started working full days in the office a couple of days a week and working from home the rest of the time. Last month that ended and I'm at home all the time now.

When a friend found out she asked me it bothered me to work from home full-time. I immediately responded that it doesn't bother me at all. I love it.'s really quiet.

When I started working from home back in 2005 I was living with the Roomies From Hell in Toronto and never left my bedroom except to make food and go to the bathroom. I kept the television because I didn't want to listen to them.

Then I moved into a teeny-tiny one bedroom apartment. I had the radio on or the television on to provide me with some background noise. I don't do well with too much quiet.

Then I moved into a much larger apartment in Montreal I was on the phone constantly. There was no need for background noise.

And now that I'm working from home in our new house in Ottawa that has a real office all I can think is that it's so, so, so quiet. Well actually, I don't work from there all the time. Sometimes I work from the kitchen table. And while the silence is much better than listening to the Roommates From Hell but I find that about after an hour or so I start to twitch.

Most of the time when I'm working I can't listen to music. Yes, I'm odd. I realize that, but after about an hour music makes me as twitchy as silence. I need voices talking. So I'll listen to a podcast. Or an audio book. For the first couple of hours each day I'll work from the couch and watch Canada AM. (I wake up early so start working early. Why wait?)

At about 1 or 2pm every day the twitching hits a peak. I start to pace. I squirm. I just need noise. Voices. Something to distract me from the overwhelming silence.

Yes, I love working from home but the silence? It's driving me batty.