Still Sick

Excuse me while I whine but I'm still sick and I'm really quite tired of being sick.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy to be out of the fever/vomiting/joint pain phase but I'm really, really ready for this cough to leave. This cough that causes me to hyperventilate and get dizzy. This cough that is keeping me awake all night (I've kicked myself to the spare room so I don't keep Lee up all night). This cough that keeps me from being able to have a conversation. This cough that the doctor didn't not seem concerned about and yet he gave me an inhaler (that seems to do jack shit).

I attempted to go to work yesterday and got sent home, which really is a good thing because until I can actually speak more than three words together without dissolving into a coughing fit I really shouldn't be around people. Plus I sound hideous.

I'm tired of being sick. And yes, I'm whining.