Front and Center

I'm kind of happy that Catherine Gilbert Murdock's Front and Center was the first book of 2010 for me. It's a good first book of the year book.

In Front and Center D.J. Schwenk realizes that she can't just fade back into the background. There are too many eyes on her for too many reasons. She's back home after having spent five weeks with her brother Win as he recovers from his football accident. She's got scouts looking at her play basketball and her family is pushing her to call them back and start talking scholarships. Her coach is pushing her to show "leadership" on the team. And of course there's a bit of boy trouble. D.J. has a lot of decisions to make - does she want to play top level basketball? Where does she want to go to school? Beamer or Brian?

I felt like there was a bit too much of a gap between when I read the other books in this series and this one. It's been three years since I read Dairy Queen and it's been more than a year since I read The Off Season. So a number of the details were a bit fuzzy for me. Like the whole Brian thing? I kind of forgot what he actually did (or didn't do).

Good conclusion to the series.