2010 Reading Goals

I meant to post these on January 1 but I am sick and on New Year's Day I spent the whole day in bed being miserable. I didn't even so much as look at my laptop and if you know me at all you will understand just how sick I was. I didn't even sit up that day (well, except when I was sitting up with my head in the toilet). I'm still feeling pretty bad and my returning to work tomorrow is questionable (all the coughing is making me dizzy, I trip over my own feet on a good day so dizzy is not a good thing for me...).

So, I wrote all about my reading goals for 2010 at Blogher. If you want to know how I read them head over and read but this is them in a nutshell...
In 2010 I want to read 150 books. Of those 150 books I want 50 of them to be from my own personal collection. Yes! A full one-third of the books I want to read this year I want to be from my own collection. Rereads won't count towards those 50 (though they may count towards the 150). Of those 50 books I want to read in colors so I want to read at least two each red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple books (the white and the black books outnumber everyone - all other colors are just a bonus). I want to read at least two chunksters, which I'm counting as 650+ pages. I want to read at least three of the WWI and WWII books I have on my own shelves (which may count toward the 50). I want to hunt down and read at least one Encyclopedia Brown book. I want to read at least five graphic novels. I want to read more e-books. And I want to finally start AND finish A Tale of Two Cities.

I started reading a red book last night. Go me!