Bed of Roses

For a really, really long time I did not understand the appeal of Nora Roberts. I had never read her and just saw that she churned out book after book. I assumed that they really couldn't be very good considering the rate at which she published them. Then I read one and I got it. Nora Roberts writes a solid romance with likable characters.

The first Nora Robert's book I read was Vision in White, the first of the Bride Quartet series. Confession - I kind of hate going to weddings. I think it's the result of having been in so many weddings. (Readers who have been around for awhile will have noticed that I did not have a wedding and instead eloped to city hall.) But weddings in books and movies? They kind of amuse me. So this series about four childhood friends that start their own wedding planning business? I like it. Of course it's highly convenient that they just happened to all have professions that tie in nicely to the wedding industry - one mega-organizer and business woman, one florist, one baker, and one photographer.

While Vision in White focused on Mac the photographer and her way of stumbling into love, Bed of Roses focuses on florist Emma. The really hot but really, really nice one. Ennma's likable. Jack, her long-time friend that becomes a love interest is likable. Del's reaction to them seeing each other is fairly believable. (Kind of. Do guy friends really go around punching each other in the face?)

What surprised me about this was Laurel. I don't remember her being so...bitchy in the first one though I think we see more of her in this than we did in the first one (partly a lead up into her book, Savor the Moment.)

Overall it was an amusing read and I really can't think of anything better to read when it's 2am and you can't sleep because you are too busy coughing your lungs up. (I read this last week when I was really sick, now I only wake up once a night with a coughing fit and am generally able to get back to sleep, a marked improvement.) I'll probably pick up Savor the Moment from the library when it comes out, and whatever the fourth book will be. I just wish that it wasn't so obvious who everyone was going to end up with.