Tis The Season

The Booker Shortlist was announced. This kicks off the fall literary awards for me. Next will be the Gillers and the GG's. The International Festival of Authors is coming up, and I hope to attend at least one event but I'm waiting for the full schedule to go up. If I end up going I also hope to meet up with my favourite Toronto-area book bloggers. :)

As usual I've read nothing on the shortlist for the Bookers. I had The Children's Book checked out of the library but as usual I didn't have time to read it. This seems to be a theme with me these days. I really should just stop getting books from the library completely. Don't worry, that's not going to happen. But all I've been doing is rereading books. I'm still on a rereading kick and I can't seem to get off of it. Though I did take the time to read the killer unicorn book.

The looming shortlists for the Gillers and the GGs should be enough to get me off my rereading kick and into The Wife's Tale. I've read a few chapters of it and it's excellent but I got distracted by shiny objects. Sigh.