I'm back!

I'm tired. Didn't get home until about 9 last night. It was a long day.

The short:

  • BlogHer Food was awesome and I've never had such yummy or such Sassymonkeyish swag ever. (The fake husband is especially happy about the edible swag.)

  • I just realized that I will now need to feed myself. There will be no more waiters or product people just waiting to feed me.

  • I came home from a trip sans wallet. Again.

  • I went to City Lights and yes, I bought books. (More to come on that.)

  • I really missed my bed. And the fake husband. And the fake cat.

  • One of the true tragedies of losing you wallet when you are travelling alone (though thankfully when almost home and not losing your passport or boarding pass) is that one does not possess the money to buy the stiff drink that one sorely desires.

  • When one arrives home after a day like yesterday I suggest that one consumes a very strong Bloody Caesar. Though it does help when one hasn't run out of Tabasco sauce. Sigh.

  • The only things I seem to really, really enjoy taking photos of are ruins and crumbling structures. Hi, meet my inner archaeologist.

I'll be back with a post about City Lights soon. You know, after I sleep. And eat. And sleep some more.