Curse Of The Espe Wallets

A few years ago, when I was still living in Toronto I fell in love with a wallet. It was white and had red cherries on it. The snap closure on it was a cherry. I big puffy heart loved it.

It was an Espe wallet. I love their line of wallets. They are fun and whimsical but still practical. That is not always an easy combination to find. And oh I loved that white cherry wallet. Shopkeepers and cashier and waitresses commented on it often.

Then I went to Europe. On one of the last days there my wallet vanished. We suspect it was pickpocketed somewhere on the Champs Elysses. Losing my credit card, ID and wallet full of Euros was bad enough, but I felt sad about losing my lovely little wallet.

I reverted back to using an older wallet. It was fine but a bit big. I was hoping to find another cherry wallet but they weren't making them anymore. So I bought a red Espe wallet with a monkey on it a few months after I got back from Paris. It was cute but I didn't love it the same way I had loved my cherries.

For my birthday this year my best friend gave me a black Espe wallet, also with a monkey on it. It was very cute and I promptly switched to using it. It was the wallet I had in San Francisco this weekend for BlogHer Food. It was the wallet I had when I got on my first flight, from San Francisco to Montreal, to come home. It was the wallet that I had on the plane when I bought the worlds worst roast beef sandwich (I ate the meat out of it, that was it).

It was the wallet that was gone when I went to Second Cup at Gate 49 to buy something to eat (finally!) in the Montreal airport.


I sat on the floor while the carrot cake sat on the counter mocking me and frantically searched for my wallet. It wasn't there. I got panicky because I was tired and hungry and OMG was it really happening again? (A very nice Muslim man tried to buy the carrot cake and bottle of water for me but I was too busy freaking out to take him up on his very kind offer.)

I promptly dumped everything out of my backpack. It was still gone. I went back to security, they hadn't found anything. They took me to the Air Canada check in where a very nice Air Canada representative called the plane and they hadn't found it. She called various other places in the airport and nothing. She took my info and sent me on my way back to my gate. By this time I was pretty much bawling because I was tired, and stressed and hungry and OMG I couldn't believe it happened AGAIN.

I went through security (again) and had a break down (again) when I couldn't get my zipper to close on one of my bags. I got to my gate (again) and called Lee and broke down (again). Then 20 minutes later I boarded my very short plane ride to Ottawa and came home. We stopped on the way home to buy Clamato so I could make myself a good strong Caesar when I got home and bought Chinese food from Golden Palace so I could finally freaking eat something.

I have that red Espe wallet sitting at home. It's cute. But it's going to the Salvation Army the next time we make a donation. I love Espe products. I think they are adorable. But no more Espe wallets for me. I am cursed.