The Joy of Cooking

After Lee and I ran away to City Hall earlier this year people seemed to want to buy us things. Lee had foolishly thought this wouldn't happen and so convinced of it was he that he actually bet that it wouldn't. Needless to say he lost that bet and ended up buying me Chinese takeout and watching an evening of chick-flicks.

When Lee's aunts wanted to know what to get us we weren't sure. We weren't exactly prepared for people to ask us what we wanted. The short answer was that we didn't need anything but that generally didn't fly so well (though we gave it a good effort). So we pondered. We decided that if Lee's aunties insisted on buying us something and wanted to know what we wanted we should probably tell them something. We decided that a copy of The Joy of Cooking would be nice. It was a big gaping hole in our cookbook collection. One day we came home to a lovely wrapped package containing the 75th anniversary edition of The Joy of Cooking.

We've flipped through it a few times. Used it for reference a few times. Lee has used it to make French toast. But mostly it just sits there and acts rather intimidating with it's plethora of recipes and 2-inch spine.

So, since I'm running away this weekend to attend a food blogging conference (I'm a food blogger at heart if not so much in reality) I'm putting out a foodie question to all of you. I know that The Joy of Cooking is one of the most popular cookbooks out there and pretty much everyone has one.

What's your favourite recipe(s) from it? What recipe(s) have you eyed repeatedly but never tried? We need someone to set us on The Joy of Cooking path.