Loading up the Sony Reader

It's time to load up my Sony Reader again. I'm hopping on a plane Thursday morning and flying off to San Francisco to attend the BlogHer Food 09 Conference. (I'm a food blogger at heart, if not so much in reality.) I scheduled a few extra days for me and a friend to play tourist because neither of us have ever been to San Francisco before.

Sometimes I find packing the right books for a trip difficult. I probably won't do a lot of reading while I'm there. We're planning to keep pretty busy so most of my reading will be done in airports and airplanes. Which means I need to pick books that are interesting but not too heavy (classics don't work for me while I'm travelling I find). Books that are fun but not too fluffy because I don't want to be bored. Cheap or free is good too so I'll be raiding Many Books and Project Gutenburg for fun old-timey girl's series (think Grace Harlowe and Madge Morton) and hitting up my library for some more contemporary picks.

What are your favourite books to take on vacation?

And if you live in or have visited San Francisco what's your favourite thing to do there? We've already got tickets to Alcatraz and of course we'll be visiting City Lights!