Giller Longlist

It's Giller longlist day! Once upon a time that would mean me checking to see what books I'd read that had made the list. These days it's what books I should have read that made the list. ;)

  • Margaret Atwood - The Year of the Flood

  • Martha Bailie - The Incident Report

  • Kim Echlin - The Disappeared

  • Claire Holden Rothman - The Heart Specialist

  • Paulette Jiles - The Colour Of Lightning

  • Jeanette Lynes - The Factory Voice

  • Annabel Lyon - The Golden Mean

  • Linden MacIntyre - The Bishop's Man

  • Colin McAdam - Fall

  • Anne Michaels - The Winter Vault

  • Shani Mootoo - Valmiki's Daughter

  • Kate Pullinge - The Mistress of Nothing

If I had to pick the ones I wanted to read most it would probably be The Heart Specialist and The Factory Voice.

What about you?