I have a special talent

Indeed I do. It's very impressive really.

I can tie myself in knots.

Now before you tell me how cool you think that is I should probably point out that I mean this in a very non-contortionist kind of way. I tie my muscles, mostly in my back, into knots by sheer will.

It got so bad that a few years back I had to go to an RMT for six months. Thankfully covered by insurance but I probably would have still gone anyway, actually I think my doctor would have made me. Upon prodding my back she told me that muscle wasn't supposed to feel like bone. Who knew?

My coworkers used to think it was so great that I was going for a massage. "It'll be so relaxing," they said. I couldn't convince them otherwise no matter how hard I tried. The truth was it was pretty damn painful. I'd immediately go home, pop some advil and take a hot bath. And do it again the next day. Oh yes, that sounds like fun.

My RMT was very impressed with my talent. He said he'd never seen anything like it. He actually took it pretty easy on me. There were spots he full out avoided...until that day his hand slipped and he hit a particularly nasty knot. He gasped louder than I did and apologized immediately because he knew he had really hurt me.

He also highly suggested I find another talent. And possibly exercise more or meditate or something to destress. (I found quitting my job two years later worked wonderfully.)

It's not as bad as it used to be but every now and then it flares up. Like right now. Apparently my back does not appreciate being strapped into rides at the country fair.  The day after I could barely move my neck. It's not quite so bad any more but there's this other really annoying thing that's happening.

You know how when you get cold your back tenses up a bit in-between your shoulder blades and it just feels uncomfortable? That's how I've felt for the last three days.

I am really, really missing my RMT.