Book Blog Bankruptcy

I try to only do book blog bankruptcy at the beginning of a month but I missed the beginning of the month and I feel like I need a clean slate. So here we go.

Not Becoming My Mother: and other things she taught me by Ruth Reichl - A different book from Reichl because it wasn't about food, though food does play a pretty significant role. I saw recommendations for this a lot around Mother's Day, which seems odd given the title but it absolutely works in that vein.

The Tenth Muse: my life in food by Judith Jones - we shall not discuss how long this book sat on my shelves before I read it. However, after watching Julie & Julia I went on a food-lit binge and this moved to the top of my pile. (I also re-read The Julie & Julie Project and My Life in France. The Tenth Muse rounds them out as part of a wonderful triumvirate of food-lit - blogger, editor and chef. Excellent combination which I recommend.) I mostly new of Judith Jones because she was Julia Child's editor. It's by no means her only claim to fame. I was also impressed that she convinced her boss to buy Anne Frank's diary and publish it. Go Ms. Jones!  My only minor complaint about the book is that it felt like it jumped around in time a bit much towards the end.

A Homemade Life by Molly Winzenberg - I told you I was on a food-lit binge. We went into a bookstore right after watching Julie & Julia and I ended up picking up Orangette's book. I've read Molly's blog on and off for years. (Food blogs tend to go in and out of my feed reader because I'm moody about food and have nothing to do with the blog themselves.) There are moments in the book that I remember reading on her blog but they aren't as they appear in the blog and there are others that I didn't. I thought it was a delightful book and while I haven't tried out any of the recipes yet it will come. I love her and Brandon's love story, it's one that only blogging could create. My wish for this book? That there had been photos, of the food and the people.

Rampant by Diane Peterfreund - Now I did write about this on BlogHer but still feel I should mention it here. Killer unicorns = awesome. Excellent discussion opener on sex and virginity, though as Denise points in in the comments on that post a wee bit too "guys only want one thing."  (Which I really wanted to mention in the post but I couldn't figure out how to talk about it effectively without spoilers.) I have high hopes for the next book.

And I'm wallowing in re-reads because it's what I feel like doing. I've been rereading the Harry Potter series and this is the slowest I've ever done it. I've been reading them for about a month now and I'm only on book five. I usually read them all in about a week top ten days. It's nice to read them without a rush. And someday I will once again attempt to read the first one in French. (No, my French really isn't that good and that's why I say "attempt." It takes me forever to read five pages. And I actually have the first two or three books in French. )