Sometimes I just need a break

I have been struggling with this blog.

At first I tried to tell myself it was because I had no time. I was busy! Well, I often am busy and part of being busy involves being online quite a bit and I really do value the time I spend offline but really, it was an excuse. There were times when I've been way more busy and still managed to blog. Regularly. Almost daily.

Then I made more excuses. All of them equally lame as the one above.

The truth is, I was getting drowned out by the noise. And a little bit by the drama.

I do not like noise and I do not like drama and the last six months have been vocal and drama-laden ones in the book blogosphere. I'm used to drama and I'm used to noise but well, the book blogosphere for a very long time was pretty quiet. We had dust-ups now and then and then it would return to a nice quiet calm. It was library-esque.

I find it hard to turn off the noise. I find it hard to ignore the noise while still going about my business in the book blogosphere. So I turned away from it completely and focused my attention on other projects. Other things.

Funnily, it was about a year ago when I turned to self-hosting. I was so full of hope and ideas for what I'd do with my blog. I never thought that I'd end up neglecting it the way I have.

Now, that's not to say that I don't make my own noise from time to time. I was wading in some (non-book related) stuff pretty well a couple of weeks ago. It happens. I know this far too well.

But I need to make a little re-dedication to this little blog that gets neglected too frequently. I don't need to remind myself why I started it. I don't need to remind myself where I was when it started and honestly, this little blog has been very good to me. It deserves better.

I just need to get better at tuning out the noise. I need earplugs. And blinders. And to take a big breath and plunge ahead.

Because I used to have fun in the book blogosphere. And I know I can again.

Edit: Oops. I'm not going away. Break's OVER. ;)