First day of school

I miss the way the first day of school of school feels.

I spend 18 straight years having first days of school. I remember the first year I didn't go back it was weird, but not too weird because due to my job I was still on campus all the time. Back to school time was the busiest of the year for us, followed with a close second to the beginning of the actual year when the second semester started. I was out of school but still tied to the schedule. For those years it wasn't so much a start to something, but an end and I was just so happy to see the end of all that overtime that I didn't miss going to school at all. (Though I did find myself with an awful lot of hours in the day...that's when I taught myself to knit.)

The year after I left that job, September was weird. I moved mid-September so I had something to distract me. It was still a shiny new start.

But now, closer to decade after graduation than not, I feel like I'm missing something. I miss the fresh start to the fall. The crisp new clothes (even when they weren't trendy). The new haircut (which was mostly not disastrous). The school supplies. Oh the school supplies! (Yes, I am a nerd.)

And most of all I miss the excitement. The crisp air marked that a change as coming, that a year was looming in which everything was possible. It was a year where things could change if you really wanted them to (or at least that's what you told yourself). Much more so than January 1, it feels like change. January 1 generally just feels cold.

Resolutions should be made in September, especially ones that involve school supplies. And new 101 Things lists. (Tempting, very tempting but no. I'm not doing it. I don't think...)