Doing some blog maintenance

I'm puttering around today, doing some bloggy maintenance. I added threaded comments so now I can reply directly to you instead of doing big posts with replies to all. Yay! You also now have the ability to subscribe to the comments on thread via email. It's totally opt-in.

I may, or may not, end up changing my theme. I changed the theme on my other blog. I'm still not sure that I 100% love it but there some some things that I didn't like about my old one. I don't love the theme on this blog either, though I don't hate it. It's just There are just two problems - I don't know what *is* me and do you know how many themes are out there?

How do you choose your themes? Do you design your own? Pay someone else to design them for you? I'm curious!

Edit: Clearly I've played with the theme.