The Eyre Affair

eyreaffairI have owned Jasper Fforde's The Eyre Affair for hmm at least three years. I bought and then decided that I should probably read Jane Eyre first. But then I had to get a copy of Jane Eyre. And then I read it. And then I hated the ending of Jane Eyre (yes, I know, you are horrified by that confession). And then I just wasn't in the mood to read The Eyre Affair even though it was supposedly really, really good.

So, it sat on my shelf and got dusty until I packed it to move to Montreal. Then it sat on my shelf and got dusty until I packed it to move to Ottawa. And then it sat for another year. A week or so ago two people, one right after the other, proclaimed their love of Fforde to me and well, I just had to read it. It helped that I have no library books out at the time. My poor personal collection gets much neglected when spiffy library books show up in the house with these things called "due dates."

So I read it. And holy crackers is it good! It took a bit of getting used to the revisionist history aspect of it (not normally something I have a hard time with) but I really, really liked it. I liked all of it. Thursday was flawed and I like a flawed main character. Her family amused the pants off me. The love interest...well I was a wee bit lukewarm on him but he'll do. And the main reason I liked it because a very long time ago someone asked me what super power you'd like to have and one of my answers was that I'd like the ability to visit the insides of books.

I liked The Eyre Affair so much that I immediately wanted to start reading the next book. I considered downloading an e-book version to my Sony Reader but somehow, for this series, that just seemed...wrong. (The Sony Reader is kinda bad/good for those cases of instant "I wanty's". )

Sometimes I hate it when I come to a series so late, but on the other hand I'm really happy I don't have to wait long for the next book. Just until the next trip to the library.

Oh! And yes I am glad that I read Jane Eyre before reading this book. lol