Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover

don't judge a girl by her coverI love Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls series. Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover was an impulse by on my vacation, but one I'm very pleased with. It's also the first of the books that I've actually read. You see, I listened to the others on audio and I have to say that they are great audio-books. I almost wish that I had listened to this on on audio too, if only because it's hard to rush through something when you are listening to it. And let me tell you, I tore through this novel.

If you've read the other novels you know that Gallagher Academy isn't just any private school. It's a school that trains girls to be in service for their spies. It's a secret spy school! Have I mentioned that I love books about female spies? Oh, I have? Moving on then.

While in the first two books the girls dealt with situations that tested their abilities, the scenarios they found themselves in were largely manufactured either by their own actions or by their teachers. This one is different. In Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover, Cammie and her friends, especially Macy, face off against the big bad world with real consequences. People get hurt. People's lives are in danger. And one of them, one of the Gallagher Girls, is a target.

The series really matures in this novel. It's darker. It's got a sinister edge. Things aren't tied up with a tidy bow at the end of it and what is unresolved is no small matter. It's Big. And I flipping loved it.

How long until the next one?